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Barrel Coating Service

A barrel coating service is available from Teer Coatings Ltd. A wide range of coatings are available for all over coating deposition onto large numbers of small components.


A wide range of coatings is available in the barrel coater. Teer Coatings hold a range of target materials specifically for use in this coating system and can offer the coatings outlined below. Other coatings are available on request.

• Elements – Ag, Au, Al, C, Cr, Cu, Mg, Mo, Nb, Si, Ta, Ti, V, W, Zr
• Alloys – Monel, Hastelloy, NiCr, Stainless Steel
• MoST and MoS2
• oxides
• carbides
• nitrides
• combinations


The barrel coater is suitable for deposition of coatings onto components that are able to move over each other within the coating system under vacuum.

• ball bearings
• powders
• resistors
• fasteners
• grits (diamond, SiC)

All enquiries should be directed to the relevant personnel:

Sales Team – Coating Services:
Tel: 01905 827550
Email: tcl@teercoatings.co.uk

Sales Team – Coating Equipment:
Tel: 01905 827550
Email: sales@teercoatings.co.uk

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