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Threadmill Performance With Graphit-iC™ Coating


The threadmill was set up in a 25mm Whistle notch holder with a gauge length of 280mm. The tool was used on a OKK MCH800 machine centre, which has an ISO 50 taper and Fanuc control.


• Speed 130
• Feed 15
• Through Coolant @ 30bar


• The threadforms were machined in 4145 material (a medium carbon steel, 130,000 PSI UTS)


• Ninety nine threads were cut using the Graphit-iC™ coated tool before the tool required regrinding and recoating.
• This is an 8 to 10 fold increase in tool life compared to the standard TiN coated tool.


• Roughly half to one hour per set-up, times 8 to 10, has been saved using the Graphit-iC coated tool.
• The tool gave a very good surface finish on the thread forms with no signs of tearing or chatter.
• Operator confidence was increased, shortening cycle times.

Results from industrial testing, courtesy of Hycalog Ltd.

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