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Graphit-iC™: Performance In Various Environments

Extensive friction and wear testing has shown that Graphit-iC™ can perform in most environments under extreme loading conditions. Reciprocating wear tests using a 5mm WC-Co ball at 100N (contact pressures in excess of 3GPa) have shown friction coefficients less than 0.1 when tested in air, oil, de-ionised water and brine. Graphit-iC™ also protects the counterpart with no significant ball wear found in any of the tests.


• Ambient conditions – friction as low as 0.06 after 10,000 cycles with a wear rate of 3 × 10-17m3/Nm
• Lubricated conditions – friction coefficients of 0.09 in synthetic engine oil and 0.05 in de-ionised water and brine with no measurable wear after 10,000 cycles.
• When the counterpart is also coated the friction coefficient can be as low as 0.02 with specific pin wear of 5×10-18m3/Nm.

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