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Graphit-iC™: Performance Results

Drill Testing On Graphit-iC™ Coating

Test conditions
1200rpm, feed rate 0.63mm/rev, drill diameter 6mm, workpiece material heat treatable steel

Coatings tested
Uncoated, pure carbon, TiN, Graphit-iC™ with sharp interface, standard Graphit-iC™

• No coating, 4 holes drilled.
• Pure carbon coating, 8 holes drilled
• TiN coating, 20 holes drilled
• Graphit-iC™ coating, 77 holes drilled.

Graphit-iC™ Coating On Extrusion Dies For Thermoplastics (MDPE)

Graphit-iC™ coating on extrusion dies used with thermoplastics has reduced the amount of plastic build up on the die. With lower friction at the higher temperatures, Graphit-iC™ has significantly increased the time between cleaning of the dies.

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