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Special Coatings Service

Teer Coatings Ltd. (TCL) offers a wide range of coatings in addition to those already in routine, serial production.

Our Special Coatings service is able to satisfy customer requirements for both single component or small batch-size applications and unusual coatings, or for coatings onto non-standard components and challenging substrate materials. We routinely work with our customers to develop new coatings designed specifically for their applications. Five small scale coating systems are allocated to the Special Coatings service enabling the flexibility and fast turn round times offered. All coatings deposited can also be readily scaled up to larger equipment as demand increases. Coatings can also be developed for transfer into a commercial Teer Coatings’ deposition system providing the customer with an option to take the process “in house”, if required.

Coatings Available

A wide range of coatings is available from our Special Coatings service. Teer Coatings Ltd. already stocks many different sputtering target materials specifically designed for the Special Coatings systems, and we can rapidly source new materials through our established worldwide materials supplier network. Coatings have been supplied with thickness’ ranging from 1nm to 1mm, depending on the application, although most applications have required coatings within the range of 1 to 5 microns. More details of the coatings that we currently offer are given below. Other coatings are available on request.

Typical Substrates and Components

Our Special Coatings service offers coatings onto non-standard and unusual substrates and components. By optimising the coating parameters, we are able to coat at temperatures as low as 60°C if required. Typical substrate types include:

Coatings On The Inside Of Cylinders

Teer Coatings Ltd. has developed a method of coating onto the inside of cylindrical items using a novel cylindrical magnetron. Using our existing equipment coatings can be applied within cylinders up to a length of 150mm with diameters of 100mm and above.

Coatings available using this service at present include Al, Cu, Cr, stainless steel and Ti, and in principle are only limited by the availability of the chosen source material in a suitable cylindrical form. This process can be readily scaled up to deposit onto longer cylinders and additional materials can be deposited on request.

For all enquiries please contact our sales team on:

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