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Anti-Biofouling Coatings for use in Underwater Applications

Teer Coatings Ltd has developed new fouling resistant coatings using PACVD and hybrid PVD-PACVD processes through the AMBIO (Advanced Nanostructured Surfaces for the Control of Biofouling) project. AMBIO was an R&D Integrated Project funded by the EC, through its 6th Framework Programme. The 5-year project finished in February 2010. During this project, 31 partners collaborated in order to provide a combination of fundamental and application-oriented research leading to the development of novel coatings. These coatings prevent or reduce the adhesion of fouling organisms through the physico-chemical properties of the surface, rather than the release of biocides.

The coatings developed by Teer Coatings Ltd have been extensively tested by AMBIO partners and have been shown to reduce the amount of biofouling in laboratory and end-use conditions. Field trials for optical windows showed that the Teer coating significantly reduced fouling thus extending the period over which useful data could be collected from a few days (control, uncoated) to approximately 3 weeks.

For further information about the AMBIO project, please visit www.ambio.bham.ac.uk.

Miba Group Takes Full Ownership of Teer Coatings

The Board of Directors of Teer Coatings Limited, leader in physical vapour deposition (PVD) equipment and coatings, and the Miba Group today announce that Teer Coatings has been fully acquired by the Miba Group. Miba had already taken a minority share in Teer Coatings in July 2009 and now extends its involvement.

The Miba Group is headquartered in Austria and is one of the leading strategic partners of the international engine and automotive industry. Its product portfolio includes sintered components, engine bearings, friction materials and coatings. Miba products make motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and power plants more efficient, more reliable and more environmentally friendly. Miba was founded in 1927 and has grown into a leading international group employing over 2,700 people across eleven sites worldwide.

Teer Coatings will continue to work closely with Miba’s current coating competence centre: High Tech Coatings (HTC) GmbH. HTC in Vorchdorf and Niklasdorf specializes in polymer coatings, electroplated overlays and PVD coatings. Products and solutions are customized to the application in question. HTC partners with the international automotive industry in development activities.

The joining of forces of Teer Coatings and Miba is a natural partnership that will help Teer Coatings strengthen its market position and will increase the Miba Group’s product portfolio. PVD expertise, within the new Miba Coatings Group, will remain secure in Droitwich with the focus of the site continuing to be on PVD equipment manufacturing and the offering of a world class coating service.

Our clear aim is to strengthen our market position as technology leader over the long term and to become the top provider of competitive, high tech coating solutions on the worldwide market. We strive for profitable growth and becoming an essential partner with our customers so that we can contribute to their innovativeness and competiveness.

Further information on the Miba Group can be found by visiting our group website: www.miba.com.

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