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CrN Coatings (Chromium Nitride)

Chromium nitride (CrN) is an excellent coating with high wear, high abrasion, and high oxidation resistance. CrN is particularly suitable for use against copper based materials, aluminium alloys and low-alloy steels.

Typical Properties

• 2-4 µm thick
• friction coefficient 0.3 depending on application and test conditions
• hardness (HV 0.05) 2200 depending on application and test conditions
• maximum working temperature 700°C
• deposition temperature 350°C
• grey colour


• punching
• forming
• plastic moulding – reduces friction and improves release properties
• aluminium and magnesium die casting
• reduces adhesion of soft materials such as Al, Cu and Ti alloys
• decorative applications

Suitable For Milling and Drilling The Following:

• non ferrous alloys
• brass
• titanium and titanium alloys
• nickel alloys
• aluminium alloys

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