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Test Equipment

State of the art thin film coating test equipment designed and manufactured by Teer Coatings Ltd.

ST30 Manual Scratch Test Equipment

The ST30 is a Manual Scratch Test Equipment that enables the simple determination of the coating adhesion by measuring the resulting track using a metalographic microscope. The sample under test is secured on a tilted table which is driven against a diamond indenter; the slope of the table and the characteristics of the sample determine the loading rate.

POD-2 Pin On Disc Tester

The POD-2 Pin On Disc Tester is a computer controlled pin on disc tester used for measuring friction and wear properties of a coating.

BC-2 Ball Crater

The BC-2 Ball Crater equipment is a manually controlled device that produces a ball crater taper section on a coated sample, allowing analysis of coating properties such as coating thickness, interface sharpness, layer thickness and coating adhesion.

All Test Equipment enquiries should be directed to the Sales Team:

Sales Team – Coating Services:
Tel: 01905 827550
Email: tcl@teercoatings.co.uk

Sales Team – Coating Equipment:
Tel: 01905 827550
Email: sales@teercoatings.co.uk

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