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Coating Service

One of the best equipped production PVD coating facilities in the world, offering an extensive range of coatings on a production basis.

Coatings offered cover a wide range of standard coatings and many coatings developed for specific applications.

Low Friction, Solid Lubricant Coatings

Teer Coatings Ltd have six systems dedicated to the deposition of solid lubricant coatings. Teer Coatings Ltd. have dedicated many years to the development of low friction coatings and have unrivalled expertise in their application and uses. The solid lubricant coatings developed by Teer Coatings Ltd have unique properties, combining very low friction with extremely high wear resistance and load bearing capacity.

MoST™ Coating

Patented MoS2/metal solid lubricant coating with exceptional low friction and wear resistant properties. Can be used as a stand alone coating, or to further enhance the properties of standard hard coatings.

Further information can be found in the MoST™ full specification.

Graphit-iC™ Coating

Patented conducting carbon based coating with very low friction, high hardness and high wear resistance.

Further information can be found in the Graphit-iC™ full specification.

Dymon-iC™ Coating

New insulating DLC type coating with superior properties and performance compared to standard DLC coatings.

Further information can be found in the Dymon-iC™ full specification.

Hard, Wear Resistant Coatings

TiN Coating (Titanium Nitride)

A hard, dense wear resistant coating suitable for a wide range of applications.

Further information can be found in the TiN(Titanium Nitride) full specification.

CrN Coating (Chromium Nitride)

A hard, very adherent, abrasion and wear resistant coating.

Further information can be found in the CrN (Chromium Nitride) full specification.

CrAlTiN Coating (Chromium Aluminium Titanium Nitride)

A tough multilayer coating suitable for applications where high temperature and high chemical wear resistance is required.

Further information can be found in the CrAlTiN (Chromium Aluminium Titanium Nitride) full specification

For all coating service enquiries please contact our sales team on:

Sales Team – Coating Services:
Tel: 01905 827550
Email: tcl@teercoatings.co.uk

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