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Graphit-iC™ Coatings

Graphit-iC™ is a low friction, high wear resistant, solid lubricant coating. The coating is a conducting carbon based coating with a graphitic microcrystalline structure. Graphit-iC™ coatings, developed and patented by Teer Coatings, have improved friction and wear properties compared to standard DLC type coatings and are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.

Typical Properties

• 2-4 µm thick
• friction coefficient 0.08 depending on application and test conditions
• hardness (HV 0.05) 1500 depending on application and test conditions
• specific wear rate <10-17 m3/Nm
• maximum working temperature 350°C
• deposition temperature 300°C
• charcoal colour

Comparison with commercially available DLC coatings

• lower friction coefficients – 0.06 compared to 0.12
• lower specific wear rate – improved by one order of magnitude
• improved performance in aqueous environments – in contrast to DLC, Graphit-iC performs exceptionally well in water
• higher load bearing capacity

Uses and Applications

• tapping, cutting, machining
• plastic injection moulding
• high performance motorsport components
• fuel injection systems
• extrusion dies
• low friction applications
• textile applications
• bearing races
• applications where counterpart needs protection

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