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Mint Coating Systems

This specially developed PVD equipment and process is suitable for coating both numismatic and circulation coin dies.


Special coatings have been developed for coining dies which are both durable and avoid pick up from the coin material. This allows long production runs of numismatic coins without the requirement to clean the dies frequently and hence increases productivity and minimises cost. The success of the process is demonstrated by the ability to produce a perfect coin after 7000 previous stampings, an improvement of more than 100 times over previous methods, and the die continues to strike perfect coins. Coatings have been developed for use on circulation coining dies, showing excellent results for circulation in addition to numismatic coining applications.

Decorative coatings

The coating equipment can also be used for providing a range of coloured coatings for numismatic coins. This equipment is capable of coating precious metals, such as gold, of any purity level.


Magnetron sputtering PVD technology is environmentally friendly and can be used to replace the environmentally damaging hard chromium process which is becoming increasingly expensive to run and is expected to be outlawed in the future.


Teer Coatings Ltd production coating and systems building departments are ISO 9001:2008 registered.

All Mint Coating System enquiries should be directed to the relevant Sales Team:

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Sales Team – Coating Equipment:
Tel: 01905 827550
Email: sales@teercoatings.co.uk

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