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Size-Selected ClusterBeam Source

Deposition of Size-Selected Atomic Clusters

Teer Coatings has developed a new instrument for the gas-phase synthesis and deposition of nano-clusters. The clusters generated by magnetron sputtering and gas condensation can be size-selected with a mass resolution > 100, and beam currents up to 1nA are available. Single and multi-element clusters can now be created.

Nano-Cluster Characteristics

The clusters can be elemental or alloys, synthesised from multiple elemental sources or alloy targets. Clusters can be “size-selected” via a dynamic lateral mass filter with beam currents up to 1nA, and sized from single atoms to >10nm. If a broader cluster size range is acceptable in a given application, clusters can be extracted before the mass filter, at enhanced rates. They can be deposited on a range of vacuum-compatible substrates, including powders as well as planar materials. The gas-phase approach results in ultra-clean clusters, free of ligands and by-products inherent in the conventional chemical synthesis of similar materials.

CB10 ClusterBeam Features

Examples of Application Areas

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